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DFS eChecksPro is an Idea That Almost Sells Itself,
But Here's How You Can Seal the Deal

  • Remember that all your check customers make good eCheck prospects
  • If you've lost repeat/reorder business due to price, offer eChecks as a money-saving alternative
  • Remind customers that eChecks include the highest level of fraud protection
  • Offer eChecks to customers who are looking for more efficient/paperless business solutions
  • Let customers know that eChecks eliminate overnight delivery costs

Use These Practical Marketing Techniques to Drive Customers to
Your Personalized Website URL (PURL)

  • Whenever you talk to customers, let them know you now offer DFS eChecksPro
  • Put a link to your Personalized website URL (PURL) on your regular website
  • Promote your PURL via social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Include your PURL on all customer communications
  • Personalize, print and share these two PDF sell sheets ( PDF 1 Opens a new window/ PDF 2 Opens a new window)

Potentially Profitable Targets for Your DFS eChecksPro Marketing Efforts

While virtually any business can benefit from using eChecks, here are a few high-volume examples worth pursuing:
  • Organizations that send checks overnight (title and real estate companies, law firms)
  • Companies that process rebate checks
  • Retail stores
  • Universities
  • Restaurants that need to pay out waitstaff tips
  • Insurance companies

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