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New Revenue, a Healthy Commission and Much More

The DFS eChecksPro Program:

  • Gives you a new product offering for existing customers and an effective way to attract new ones
  • Provides a new revenue stream, even within accounts where paper check sales have declined
  • Helps you capitalize on your customers' familiarity with, and desire for, online banking
  • Earns you a substantial 25% commission on initial orders and 15% on reorders
  • Provides a personalized website for tracking your revenue
  • Makes your life easier, since customers sign up and handle the purchase process themselves

DFS eChecksPro Offers Recurring Revenue That Drives Profitability

Once you're registered, set up and selling, you'll see how easily initial customer orders and resulting reorders drive your profitability. Here's a quick look at how you can make more money with DFS eChecksPro:

Cost Comparison Chart

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