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Is DFS going to stop printing and selling paper checks?

Not at all. eChecksPro will be sold along with paper checks, offering our customers the widest array of check options possible. This is the next step in bringing innovative new products to our resellers, and we anticipate that many of your customers will end up purchasing both electronic and paper checks.

Normally I choose my margin for products I am reselling. Can I change the retail pricing?

No. The retail pricing is the same for all resellers for this new innovative product offering. This ensures that no one has a competitive price advantage in the market place.

Who bills my customer?

The customer pays the retail cost for the checks upfront via an account transfer process on your personalized site. They'll see eChecksPro on their bank statement.

How do I make money?

DFS will pay you a commission on all eChecksPro sales. You'll receive 25% for new orders and 15% for reorders. For tracking purposes it's important to have your customers sign up through your personal URL.

Why is the commission different for new orders vs. reorders?

Because the eChecksPro reorder process is so simple that your customers can do it themselves with one simple click.

How long will it take to get my Personalized URL (PURL)?

Your personalized URL will be delivered within two business days.

Why do you need a W9 form?

For tax purposes. DFS will send you a 1099 form for your commission payments.

What if my customer logs into the eChecksPro account without going through my PURL?

Once your customer has signed up through your personalized microsite, they're assigned to you. It doesn't matter how they log into their account.

How will I know which customers have ordered eChecks?

DFS will send you a weekly report of all your customer activity, including the ones who've chosen the five free echecks. Remember -- your customer needs to sign up using your personalized URL (PURL) in order for DFS to track your sales.
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